Chi Cho: General Kenobi. TF-1726 | Black Krrsantan | Gleb | White[3] Wat Tambor | Storm Over Ryloth ”Slammer“ - Shot down inside his V-19 Torrent by vulture droids. Commander Hask | [3] Following his death, he was succeeded by Baron Notluwiski Papanoida, who became Pantora's new Chairman.[4]. Ziton Moj | Cassie Cryar | In addition to his views on the Talz, Cho also refused to listen to others he felt were beneath him, repeatedly ignoring advice from the Jedi & Senator Chuchi. 0-0-0 | Grand Admiral Thrawn | Emperor's Royal Guard | Morley | Bib Fortuna | Members: Ochi | IG-11 | Tobias Beckett | Allegiant General Pryde | Tikkes | Lok Durd | As she climbs into the speeder, she can only think about the discussion that happened moments ago. Male[1] Son | the leader of Pantora, was a soldier in the pantoran military for 20 years but retired and went to the political field also he is a patriot but arrogant and sees lower civilizations as 'savages'." Orchestrating the attack on Orto Plutonia, located in the Pantora system, Cho and the Jedi found an abandoned Separatist base on the planet but were convinced that there were droids around and that they could attack the party at any moment. Trade Federation | Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Asajj Ventress | The Chairman of the Pantoran Assembly, Chi Cho, and Senator Riyo Chuchi, walked out of the gunship, followed by Pantoran guards and a couple of clones. Leaders: Mother Talzin The Second Sister | If you enjoyed this edition of CWB please be sure to share it with your friends and hit … Rune Haako | According to both Generals Kenobi and Skywalker, the Talz are a peaceful group of… creatures who had gotten caught up in a battle with droids and therefore destroyed the Republic outpost. Techno Union | Star Wars Legends Villains | Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Tusken Raiders | Leaders: Lott Dod History. Commander Pyre | Count Dooku [Source]. But when Anakin and Obi-Wan investigated, they found that base destroyed too. Halle Burtoni – The Clone Wars. Gender Other Officials and Operatives: Jabba the Hutt | Chairman Chi Cho - Speared in the back by Thi Shen. Zillo Beast, See Also The Client | Star Wars The Old Republic Villains. Mas Amedda | The mission, led by High Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi and Jedi General Anakin Skywalker, was to intercept Separatist forces that were staging an invasion on Pantora. Physical description The opening investigation was reminiscent of a horror film. [3], Cho, meanwhile, led the Pantoran soldiers and clone troopers in his delegation on an attack against the Talz tribe. He conspires with the Trade Federation to build a base in the Pantora system, though he is under duress from Trade Federation officer Sib Canay, who threatens to blockade Pantora should Cho refuse to cooperate. Affiliates: Hoping to use the Jedi as an instrument of blunt force to take back the planet of Orto Plutonia  for the Pantorans, Cho and the Jedi accompanying him ( Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker) found nothing more than a deserted Separatist base. EV-A4-D | Another gunship landed next to the Jedi. Zam Wesell | The series made its debut on the American Cartoon Network on October 3, 2008. Sy Snootles | Naare, First Order More Clone Wars Bloopers will be coming down the pipe very soon. Admiral Versio | Vedain | Eye color five years before the clone wars began a young Jedi knight had visions of the war and knew it would be inevitable. How Wookieepedia treats Canon and Legends, Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Visual Guide Ultimate Battles, Star Wars: The Clone Wars – The Official Episode Guide: Season 1, Star Wars: The Clone Wars Character Encyclopedia, Star Wars: The Clone Wars Official Episode Guide Series 1 & 2, Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Incredible Vehicles, Star Wars: The Ultimate Visual Guide: Updated and Expanded, The Ninth Sister | Moff Gideon | He was a brave warrior but also very stubborn. Black Sun | When it was discovered that a primitive group of Talz had claimed the moon for themselves, Cho almost single-handedly declared war against them and charged into an ill-conceived battle. Skin color The series began with a theatrical feature film which was released on August 15, 2008, and debuted on Cartoon Network two months later on October 3, 2008. Cho, along with Senator Riyo Chuchi embarked on a mission in 22 BBY. Sebulba | Klaatu | And perhaps a new volume of "Classics" mid-season as well. Moralo Eval | He believed that he was fighting for his people and wished to destroy the Talz at all costs to keep Orto Plutonia under his control, refusing to even consider diplomacy with them. Died Cho died seconds later, dumbfounded that his people were willing to give up Orto Plutonia peacefully and claiming he had died for them. Affiliates: Chuchi offered peace to the Talz, recognized their sovereignty, and pulled all Pantoran presence off of Orto Plutonia, ending hostilities. When the gunships arrive to reinforce the clone troopers defending the injured Chairman Cho, he gives Senator Chuchi an order, as his final command as Chairman of Pantora: destroy the Talz. Cho's dying command was for Chuchi to destroy all the Talz. Agent Kallus | Agent Tierny | The Seventh Sister | Chi Cho was a Pantoran male and Chairman of the Pantoran Assembly during the Clone Wars. Cornelius Evazan | Commerce Guild | Taquito - Killed inside his ship by Droll. Chairman Cho is going to start a war. Chi Cho was a steadfast patriot of Pantora and venerated by his people for his long years of service in the Pantoran Assembly.

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