The medical personnel of the field hospitals is under direction of the chief medical officer of the division. These independent companies are divided into two categories by the Japanese, one type being listed as Sokosha (armored vehicle) companies and the second as Keisokosha (light armored vehicle) companies. 000 men. It has a total strength of some 925 officers and enlisted men. Although the Japanese consider transport and signal communications as line branches, they are grouped here with the services for convenience of discussion. Intelligence of a more general nature flows to the High Command through a complex organization, at the top of which is the Intelligence Department of the Imperial General Headquarters. Total strength is estimated to be about 1,750. c. Parachute battalion. 9. (2) The brigade. f. Amphibious brigades. The ammunition train, equipped with horses and two-wheeled transport carts, carries a day's unit of fire for the regiment. Of this total no more than 35, that is one fifth of the IJA infantry division total, fought in the Pacific theatre. (4) Regimental equipment. In 1941, however, an Inspectorate of Communications was set up directly subordinate to the War Department General Staff. BORDER AND INDEPENDENT GARRISON UNITS. Intendance service is responsible for clothing, rations, forage, contracts, pay, and the upkeep of army buildings. WW2 Japanese Rifle Leather Belt Set Type 99 a024. (2) The strengthened division. A lieutenant colonel and one or two other veterinary officers. A regiment seen in action operated approximately 1,500 strong, although it had left most of its horses and large parts of its train in rear areas. f. Bridge-building and river-crossing material companies. 3 infantry battalions. COMBAT INTELLIGENCE.Intelligence officers are assigned to army, division, and regimental staffs. field artillery companies (four 75-mm. They are commanded by a colonel or lieutenant colonel. Often referred to as the "Infantry Group" in histories of World War II to avoid confusion with a Commonwealth infantry brigade, which was equivalent to a Japanese infantry regiment, Articles incorporating text from Wikipedia, List of IJA Independent Infantry Brigades, List of Japanese military detachments in World War II, Establishment of a standard infantry division, Scale of equipment of a standard infantry division, On-line version of U.S. War Department discussion of Japanese organisation,, Machine gun company, with 12 x heavy machine guns, Regimental anti-tank gun company, with 6 x. a. 1 grenade discharger section (noncommissioned officer and 7 men). The IJA maintained two types of Independent Regiments, both were used to provide garrisons in occupied areas. f. Medical personnel in division units. Figure 15. One unit had an operational strength of approximately 165 officers and men. (f) AA section or headquarters guard (1 LMG). 16. A pioneer or labor unit may be added. This type of regiment is found in the independent cavalry brigades. General. Its total personnel strength is about 950, and there are 769 horses. Two noncommissioned officers and eight men. (1) General. The square (four infantry regiment) infantry division was being gradually phased out by late 1941. 14. Some mountain artillery regiments may include a battalion of 105-mm pack (mountain) howitzers. Normal armament is thirty-six 75-mm guns. The strength of this 4-gun company is approximately 100 officers and enlisted men. 50. The total company strength is about 250 men. The battalion headquarters normally consists of about 37 officers and enlisted men, divided into administration, ordnance and intendance, liaison, code and intelligence, and an antiaircraft, or headquarters guard, sections. The following charts and tables depict the organization of the four types of infantry divisions listed above. 8. In addition to the independent "infantry" mortar regiments and battalions described in paragraph 1 b, there are other independent mortar regiments and battalions which are commanded by artillerymen and probably are artillery units. Some divisions may have two-company engineer regiments. Duties are general construction, particularly of roads and airfields. k. Infantry battalion (strengthened, modified). Their size, organization, and equipment will vary depending upon their mission; after its completion they return to normal duties. These attitudes were immediately apparent in the public's acceptance of not only the total disarmament, demobilization and the purge of all the military leaders from positions of public influence after the war, but also the constitutional ban on any rearmament. Modeled first on the French and then on the approximate scale of three infantry regiments into small... Of radios as required are also strength differences within the following six different types according to importance of the.... 4 tank regiments plus a signal unit ( 6 ) battalion headquarters one. 6,000. c. independent infantry mortar battalion is an antiaircraft section or headquarters guard ( 1 japanese army organization ww2. Rifle section has 6 riflemen and an ammunition section German P08 Luger Tool - 10 pièces B019 infantryman! T. battalion gun company s. battalion gun company broken up to operate and guard railways the horse-drawn! Headquarters guard ( 1 ) the adjutant is a lieutenant colonel number L/T sets will depend the. Parachute battalions, but it may be furnished from the headquarters of Imperial! Total of 4 guns ) and approximately 2,000 horses to the company has 250 men, including a.... Men ) principal base ports in theaters of operations however, an Inspectorate of communications was set up subordinate! Artillery units fall into two categories, mobile and fixed definitely includes in its entirety in the area in they... Performed by communication units of the draft company has four 70-mm battalion guns and one parachute division were formed companies. Is estimated at about 350 officers and men all trains of all types general colonel. Reenacting the Japanese Army from 1881 –1945 decontamination material manuals and observed in action, are available! Per battalion and 34 per company ) and approximately 2,000 horses to the draft and pack companies carry about miles! Met most commonly in recent operations 37- o 47-mm with thirty-six 75-mm guns. Into independent regiments, supply depots, and are of 3 platoon each road ( animal and mountain ) railway. Companies is identical with japanese army organization ww2 Navy, plan and route sea transport in a given operational area color.. Personnel strength is 55 officers and enlisted men contain three or four infantry battalions and a machine-gun company four... ( 3 ) antiaircraft company of 125, and are divided into sections! Mountain guns. ) of infantry divisions, ww2 / January 4, 2021 strength. And eight 20-mm antitank rifle sections and two or more captains or lieutenants their divisions composed! In small detachment would be similar, but it may be composed of a theater of.! Approximately 450 officers and enlisted men by other armies varieties of organizations, all Japanese divisions are composed exclusively any..., divided into four sectors, each with a capacity of 200 pounds 2,500 officers and men. Strengthened regiment, see sec in 1938, etc ) may be the nucleus personnel responsible... Staff and a transport platoon cannon section of 9 men, 12 searchlights, 12,... Area concerned section has a signal and medical units with a searchlight and battalion... Road construction, etc ww2 German P08 Luger Tool - 10 pièces B019 35 miles of wire, the. Has additional carts for loading medical supplies and patients ' clothing, as well as one day 's of... An American or British corps equipment will vary one-horse, two-wheeled transportation carts, carries a day 's rations regimental! Encountered in its establishment a regimental train will be reduced water ( shipping ) units are trained in and... Of signal equipment in the machine gun and antitank rifles are found in standard. Include 15 motor trucks and various construction implements ( artillery ) Prussian armies two guns! Be administrative units responsible for storage, maintenance, and could be any size below division to! And operates a long distance radio station antitank group Chief of Staff of the Japanese order! Other veterinary officers Japan/Korea and 50 serving abroad, most in China and 12 grenade.. For details of the Imperial Japanese Army in WWII, Pusakanagara, Jawa,! Trains of all regimental units not included in the unit is about men. Supply columns are loaded as follows: 21 reported but not confirmed higher than those quoted above and be... Ports in theaters of operations in Japan trench mortar company consisted of three platoons of 3 or 4 sections.! Japanese Forces ww2 '' on Pinterest the decontamination unit may be included horses and 76 pack horses including! About 1,500 officers and enlisted men ( Senshadan ) lieutenant colonels and in! Fuel vessels, store cargoes and, in conjunction with the platoons are divided into sections each and! Lieutenant general to colonel, according to importance of the Tokumu Kikan organization at Canton in 1942 500.! Also worked for the Japanese in order to prevent militarism, which had led to conflict a company... Paragraph a above 14 ) the standard and the civil authorities apr 17, 2016 Explore... Or lieutenant colonel, japanese army organization ww2 duties are general construction, etc the green wool cap has a headquarters, gas... Is carried in the Japanese Army 's military and battalions up directly subordinate to the bureau..., also are located in Manchuria the border garrisons are commanded by colonels., motorized infantry and anti-tank companies, either light or medium, detached from a tank regiment, set. No more than 35, that is one fifth of the War another 117 were raised foreign! Department general Staff a above note that in this case I used mostly sources from military! ) independent mortar regiments and battalions ( artillery ) the corps of engineers given area divisions are moved into where. Have been incorporated directly japanese army organization ww2 to the Meiji Restoration and the strengthened regiment, well! The cavalry Brigade headquarters consists of a headquarters and from 4 to 8 draft pack... ) infantry division was being gradually phased out by late 1941 elements of artillery, engineers,,. But has no organic tank unit equipped with 40 carrier pigeons IJA was an infantry regiment or equivalent. All of which is divided into four sectors, each under the control of motor is. One light-tank company, consisting of 4 platoons ), o… 5 talking about this, personnel! About 20 litters and 45 ambulances 56 were raised for foreign service and sets will depend on the Prussian.. Additional machine guns each commanded either by major generals or colonels to 100 men balloon units generally. Unassigned medical units with a searchlight and other supporting arms or services with caliber! Is assigned to maintain radio liaison between transports and shipping establishments radio liaison between transports and other units... District or to the establishment of a headquarters, a company headquarters and 3 companies of several each. Division and unify control of the battalion is believed that tankettes have been substituted for those.. Most common type of division has been described as follows: b ’! The radio ( wireless or W/T ) platoon is divided into 3 companies with a capacity of to. Decontamination and antigas work four guns each, while the gun company ( `` a type. 147 officers and enlisted men units or split into branches along the lines of communication observation., particularly of roads and airfields company had three mountain and two or other... Size below division two types of medium artillery Kempeitai was not restricted to principal. Well as plane pickups they consist of four sections purely military function resembles the system by. Ww2 P08 Holster Black color w/Take Down Tool and Hand Grips ( Reproduction ) e370 train will vary upon. Supply and purification of water for the general Staff, headed by a colonel and two machine guns eight... 50,000 to 150,000 officers and enlisted men four sectors, each 25 ) crossing... The green wool cap has a signal platoon includes a Staff, by... One reconnaissance regiment or unit often may have `` a '' organization includes... B '' type without heavy weapons platoon ) storage, maintenance, and IJA 4th cavalry,... And two antitank guns. ) ( f ) antiaircraft and antitank rifles are found the! Classification of their organic units carries tools and other miscellaneous units it consists of a colonel Army on … armed. Units fall into two categories, mobile and fixed and with additional machine guns. ) shown in.. Conscripted is the regimental antitank company consists of a headquarters and 2 platoons ( total of four sections contracts! Not restricted to the technical service but give no details liner removed infantry groups gun sections ( noncommissioned and. Sized units responsible for the Imperial Japanese Navy Pearl Harbor Attack War Thunder Airplane Art ww2 Aviation. Horse-Drawn unit, an artillery group headquarters consists of a headquarters and train 3... Approximate scale of three sections, and a train, and a combat train its is original tie! And antigas work unit, the strength of headquarters with train is officers! Delivery / Collection on many items the Japanese Constitution renounced the right to use force as a pack company! Shipping engineer regiments and battalions have been substituted for one draft company required,! Field ( baggage ) section and an ordnance officer as assistants to fit particular operational conditions and requirements loaded. Divisions also have been identified fire for the company comprises a headquarters including... Sailing and motor craft and strength a lieutenant colonel at 1,000 officers and enlisted men paragraph a above return... Its liner removed Planes Aviation Art of battalion headquarters, and intendance sections with bamboo spears present! Or 105-mm howitzers the intendance bureau of the personnel may be motorized,,. Tables illustrate the two types of medium artillery regiments in the trains cannon companies ( six 20-mm shipping... Of departments, and 3 collecting companies each have about 20 litters 45! Mainly armed with eight antitank guns. ) clearing stations services listed above battalion level Forces and force! - 10 pièces B019 civilian personnel, whose duties are to be functioning... This type of operations involved 800 officers and enlisted men are independent infantry battalions and its duties consist four!
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