We won’t be challenged because we don’t need to be. One of the first mistakes I made as a Protestant was to read Scott Hahn. My husband while not faithless or against religion, definitely has doubts and worries and I pray that we may find a church home where he will feel safe to express those fears and confront them with scripture. « A Day in the Life of a Work at Home Homeschooling Mom. He said the turning point for him was when a Catholic asked him what is \" Congratulations to you, Amy!! Don’t yield your will. RCIA is a 9-month long process of learning about Christ and the Church which culminates with being received into the Church and receiving Baptism, First Holy Communion, and Confirmation at Easter Vigil. Amen sister. My husband is a cradle Catholic who is not a believer. You know what I miss most about our pre-mask days? I married someone who really had no faith life in his youth and was very much against “organized religion” I fell away due to my husband’s harrassment. Welcome Home! Congratulations for your husband’s journey – and for yours. Encourage you not to read your Bible?, etc.}. . This weekend is going to be amazing. God is so good and faithful. I have been Catholic from birth and lately, I seem to be surrounded by many protestants and have been feeling like I’m alone in my love of the Catholic Church. I was Baptist-Charismatic, and became a Lutheran at the age of 25. For me, I can trace certain lines—a certain narrative—through nearly a decade’s long journey. Welcome to the Catholic Church! All I did was ask him to go to Mass, the Lord did all the rest. Be with my sister as she rejoices in your resurrection! I am so excited for you, for everything that you have gone through, for your relationship with your husband, for your amazing first experience you will have on Saturday! So glad and I will be praying at this especially special time for you and your husband! What a beautiful and powerful testimony of your prayers for your husband being answered. *Please note, I encourage your comments. The passion of new followers of the church reignite my faith. After returning I realized what an terrible thing my relative had done to me and herself. As a Protestant convert to Catholicism whose journey culminated at the Easter Vigil earlier this year, I have some experience, oddly enough, in how to become a Catholic. Added books to the Bible? . I’m a homeschool mom too. Welcome home and congratulations! ... Why do Evangelicals Become Catholics? ... the Catholic church has failed to deliver what people consider fundamental products of religion: spiritual sustenance and a good worship service." I have tears streaming down my face from your story and the comments. O, I am always the last to jump on the kitchen applia, “You have your slippers on!” The Holy Spirit has been guiding the apostles and their successors since Pentecost (John 16:12-15). But my husband, who was born and raised Southern Baptist, won’t covert with me. No thought about the afterlife or any journey on this earth that would make a difference in that regard. From a fulsome reading it’s clear just how tenuous some of the decisions and attitudes of the Early Reformers were. This isn’t a Catholic vs. Protestant debate. How much of his doctrine of justification and the very things he split from the Church over are driven directly by a manic personality. Holy Spirit I ask you to minister to Linda Saturday night at the Easter Vigil. I read a blog one day by a former Protestant pastor turned Catholic priest. I grew up an Anglican and didn’t get the fullness of being Catholic before I was pulled into Protestant by a relative. I was Mormon when your husband started his Project Conversion blog and I followed his journey a bit after it was linked to an LDS group I was a part of. God has given me new ministry opportunities. He likens his years as an Evangelical as the inner growth rings in a tree. We know what we believe! Your story sounded so much like theirs to me Scott Hahn sitting in amazement at his first mass, “Wait a minute, this all sounds familiar! Would a person go to heaven who did 49 good “deeds”, but also 50 bad deeds at the time of their death? You are right–we can’t do works, deeds, etc. May God continue to bless you abundantly! I came into the church in 2006, I loved reading your story because it brought back some fond memories of my own journey to Rome. They see prayerful, studious, and holy men and women encounter the same Christ in … Don’t try to pray the rosary (it’s shockingly easy to learn!). A few years later my husband (baptized Catholic in infancy but a Mormon convert) and I decided Mormonism just wasn’t for us. However hateful and/or hurtful comments will not be tolerated. God bless you! I would recommend reading the infallible Church councils.. Start with Nicaea and just read read read. The journey is only beginning. My life will never be the same. The God our Father knows everything, sees everything, knows us better than ourselves, He has the power to do everyting, and He love us. These are giants of Christianity who had direct access to those who heard Jesus’s very words, and touched his flesh. I don’t think they saw scriptural evidence for the sacraments and did see corruption in the Church. Jesus is true man and true God! Becoming Catholic is a major decision that must affect every single area of your life. I’m a convert too, and I *swore* when I first started attending inquirers’ classes that “there’s no way” that I would convert from Protestantism. I’ll be praying for you all on Saturday. and afraid of what friends and family who still think about that will say) but…at the end of the day, you have to follow God. On a side note -too funny, we just finished watching “God’s Not Dead” for the first time and the beginning of your story could have come right out of the movie! How would I go about contacting someone about the requirements? A third mistake that I made was nearly fatal: I began to read the … In my own journey, I can check off certain boxes and say, definitively, yes, that made me become a Catholic. You and our family have been in my prayers in such a special way since you announced the beginning of your RCIA classes last fall. We also paid for masses to say prayers to get them out. Thank you for sharing your story. I know, in the past, He’s gotten you through some tough times and difficult situations. A lot of Protestants perform baptism by immersing you in a tank of water, but some sprinkle. I made the choice to begin R.C.I.A {Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults} with my husband in September. My marriage is now blessed in the Church and both my husband and I are Catholic. I would never have guessed that your family would have struggled with that issue. But I ended up going from curious, to interested, to fascinated, to “this has been what I have been looking for my entire life”. September 29, 2009 A few weeks ago, on retreat, I was introduced to a friendly middle-aged couple. The Catholic Church does not share Protestant beliefs, but many other Christian faiths fall under this religious umbrella. It is kind of a big deal that requires mental and spiritual preparation. I was encouraged to dive into Scripture, to see it all for myself. We are all grafted together on the Tree of Life which is Jesus Christ. The Largest Collection of Relics Outside the Vatican Is In… Pittsburgh, PA? My husband and two sons will be entering the Church in two days as well. I had to keep digging. Deborah— this is so beautiful it brought tears to my eyes. Thanks so much for sharing it! Blessings to you and your family. Because at a certain point in my journey towards Catholicism I realized that for all the book learning I’d done, for all the lectures and stories I’d watched, and for all the conversations I’d had (mostly with myself) I simply had to begin to live the Catholic life. Congratulations! Warmly, A few weeks ago in the Catholic Converts Facebook group your husband posted to talk a bit about his conversion and book. Welcome home Heather, blessings to you and your family ♥ Thought I’d share that–it has helped me! If we could do X number of good deeds (or sacraments)to get ourselves into heaven, why would Jesus need to die ? Now is a trying time for me regarding the church in my state and your testimony made me want to examine what I love and feel toward the Catholic faith. Welcome to the Catholic Church!!!! Select any Protestant denomination, Methodist, Baptist, Evangelical, etc. I will be praying for your family this weekend! We shared that we were both to be initiated into the church at the same time. I am so happy for you and will be praying for you! Welcome Home! <3 Wishing you well! Step 1: Get Catholics to have a conversion experience in a Protestant setting. Well, I'm a Protestant, so of course my answer is a bit biased in that direction. How Many Catholic Priests Become Protestant Ministers? This is so awesome! As an evangelical I didn’t even realize that this material exists and when I did, I began to devour it. Every single one of my family members are in this situation. . God is so good. Since only the 1800’s there have been additions added to Catholic doctrine making Mary more and more important- sinless,ascended into heaven, etc. But, I love to hear people’s conversion stories and I praise you for sharing it. How, at the last bastion of common sense, the final battlefield, the great basilica of reason and sanity, can we make our stand? So beautiful and so authentic. . Beautiful! I often can get list in the routine of it since I have been doing for so long. My brother became Methodist when he and his wife were married and was a Methodist for several years until they left the Methodist Church. I will pray for you as the Triduum comes to a close. Don’t Read the Early Church Fathers. I led many people out of the Catholic Church. The Roman Catholic Church is truly home for me. I recommend burying one’s head in the sand although successful techniques may vary. Spend time in conversation with friends who only agree with our points of view and refuse, at all costs, to challenge the faith we’ve always known. I will also add that my Protestant friends were very kind and accepting; I hope the same holds true for you. I encourage each of you to study Early Church history. Thanks and praises to God, in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I remembered you last night at our vigil mass. I thought that was a neat analogy: you’re not necessarily leaving anything behind, but you are entering into a new fullness and many years of new growth. Yes, that made things difficult. My formula for getting Catholics to leave the Church usually consisted of three steps. My husband came home one day after 12 years of marriage and said he stopped by a catholic church to talk to them about becoming Catholic. Stand firm, and refuse to be moved. Beautiful! I’ve been Catholic my whole life, but still have had several major conversions growing in my faith over the years. I guess I don’t understand what really made you turn from the Protestant faith. Let me back up, because I am starting to sound creepy…. Amen amen amen!! I was 18 yrs. I was absolutely in awe at the beauty of the service. Don’t dabble with the Liturgy of the Hours or Eucharistic Adoration because you might fall in love with these decidedly Catholic practices and then there’s very little I, or anyone else, can do to help. God bless. I am so happy for you and thankful for the graces you have received that led you to enter the Roman Catholic Church. Welcome home! Check Answer. It is conversion stories like yours that renew my Faith. Be prepared for His continual love to be poured out on your family. Although, if you’ve come this far, and all else fails, maybe you should just become a Catholic. My heart is full. For God nothing is impossible. Oh, and YES, the Eucharist! Thanks for sharing your family’s beautiful faith journey. Scary and uncertain territory sometimes (especially coming from a background where I was taught that Catholics are not truly saved and probably a cult because of Mary, purgatory, popery, indulgences, etc. For me, it was a particular, miraculous journey that I’ve been writing about for a few months now. Hugs! The most important thing is prayer. Your story is beautiful. You’ve met some great Catholics both online and in the real world and you’ve started to make small steps in living the Catholic life. we are all son of God! I, too, am 2 days away from receiving Christ – body, blood, soul, and divinity in the Holy Eucharist at Easter Vigil!!! I am a craddle Catholic and I love reading testimonies on those who coming home. But maybe there’s still hope, maybe the slope is not yet too slippery. I pray your reception into the church was more glorious than you expected! Have a Blessed Easter! Welcome! Ephesians 2:8-9 This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I was certain the problem was me, my expectations were too high, etc. So you think that by quoting Eph.2:8-9 (and leaving out verse 10), you’ve taken down the 2000 year old Catholic Church? Have a happy and blessed Easter! For Easter this year, instead of giving something up, (well, OK, I gave up wine too) I decided to go to Mass everyday. My childhood friend, who is now a priest has recently sparked a curiosity to visit and I can’t seem to shake the thought. I’m a Catholic revert, meaning I was born Catholic & fell away from the faith, became Protestant, and four years ago I came back home to the Catholic Church. They can introduce you to the right people to make the transition. So, naturally, I wanted to help others to avoid a similar fate. But notable Protestants, from Elizabeth Ann Seton and John Henry Newman, to G.K. Chesterton, Francis Beckwith, and Tony Blair. But due to some recent issues at my church, I decided to attend a few Masses and see what it was all about. I love them and they help me remember and celebrate my faith when things are getting luke warm. When I began to realize that the Early Church didn’t look like the evangelical tradition I had grown up in I was shocked, and then affronted. Thanks be to God, and Welcome Home!! The works of God are SO beautiful. Am happy for you & your family, Heather. Before you can become a Catholic priest, make sure you meet the basic requirements. You might pray for help, and then, friend, you’re done. Thank you for sharing this story. My husband (who was not Catholic, not even religious) joined the Church last Easter. Your journey of growing and learning has only just begun. I loved reading your story. Caution! Beautiful! My story is quite similar in a different way. Your husband has been on my mind lately and so have you. I will keep you and your family in my prayers for Easter!! God Bless! Tracy. Welcome, fellow Tiber Swim Team 2014 member! This is so beautiful. Heather, I’m in tears! I don’t doubt for a second that He will continue to bless your family in wonderful ways as you continue to serve Him! As a person raised in the Southern Baptist faith, I find so many things that I was raised to believe to be divisive and conflicting of how I view God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. In fact I witnessed Christ being worshiped and adored in such a beautiful way that many days I would just stand with tears in my eyes completely in awe of the sacred mysteries celebrated in the Mass. So very excited for you! Blessings. Please continue to share your story and your enthusiasm with the people God puts in your life, especially us cradle Catholics. To learn and understand the hearts of the faithful people that he once detested so much. No passion. This weekend will truly be amazing for you. And Welcome Home! If you’re Protestant, great. If you can, with the help of our Lord and your closest friends and family, avoid these certain pitfalls, while I can’t promise, I can assure you that you’ll have a much easier time avoiding the trap that I fell into. Friends, I offer some unsolicited advice: here’s how to not become a Catholic. Welcome Home to both of you. When I took the invitation to “come and see”, I was amazed at what I found. Instead, the Early Church is decidedly Catholic in its doctrine and its hierarchical structure, and if you’re not careful, you may come to a similarly shocking conclusion as I did. I LOVE reading how He put the fire into others the same way I experienced! I loved reading your story! Actually, quite the opposite. All this to say that YOU can be Catholic and receive all the benefits and be married to a non-Catholic as long as you have your marriage “blessed” by a priest. I am an avid researcher and I had someone tell me we needed to evangelize to Catholics. My husband was an Assembly of God pastor and we came into the Church 9 years ago; together, thank God. After going through several faiths, the day I was faced with walking up to receive a wafer-I knew immediately-I was not to receive! Why do some make it so hard, when in reality, Jesus took all the payment for our sin? When I decided I wanted to go back “home” to the Catholic faith, my husband insisted on “church shopping”. Yes, Church doctrine. It still amazes me to think about how truly *Christ-centered* the Catholic church is. Thoughts, petitions, or thankfulness are all well and good but something else might creep into your prayers and you might, by no fault of your own, pray for guidance in your faith journey. Your email address will not be published. Be careful though, don’t meet any great Catholics in person. I realize that humans involved with my faith may be imperfect, but Jesus and our Lord are perfect and the center of our church. Welcome home!!! So that's it! May God bless you on your journey as a Catholic Christian. I converted from Protestant to Greek Orthodox many years ago – on Pascha (Easter) – and your story resonates with me in so many ways! So are you. Congrats & welcome home! It didn’t take long to become completely clear to me that this Church, the Catholic Church, is truly the ONE Church that Jesus Christ himself initiated over 2,000 years ago. Suffice to say, however, his giant tome gives you a pretty intense overview of why the Protestant Reformers split from the Catholic Church in the 16th century and what was happening in culture and society in such a seminal time and place. I was pointed here by Kendra at Catholic All Year and I’m so glad I did. No one can out do God! If not the Catholic Church other christians specially the Protestants has no calendar guide of the religious celebration specially easter and christmas!!!!!! I do not attend a Protestant church, so I just had to make that clear. Maybe you’ve read people like Scott Hahn, Stephen Ray, G.K. Chesterton, Frank Sheed, or Robert Barron. Catholics have a Pope, which they consider a vicar for Christ — an infallible stand-in, if … Becoming Protestant. A true “Proverbs 31 wife!” We are not Catholic but my husband’s family is and I LOVE the beauty and tradition of their worship. I’m warning you, God will do some amazing things in your life once you choose Him. Thank you for your beautiful testimony! This is it! Welcome! As a naive, curious Christian I began to read the Early Church Fathers only to find out that they were startlingly Catholic. James Martin, S.J. Thanks for sharing the more personal side, too, especially about your husband — what a beautiful testimony that true transformation is possible with openness and humility before God. Easy to look up (although I’ve written some articles for Catholic Sistas called “Damnable Heresies part 1 and 2 regarding that point. I was hooked within 2 weeks. Have a blessed Easter. Today this beautiful piece was delivered to my email box. God drew the line that very day. I going to recieve confirmation on Easter Vigil. While 42 percent of Catholics who stay attend services weekly, 63 percent of Catholics who become Protestants go to church every week. I researched the Catholic Church for 3 years and found my home there 4 years ago this Easter. God bless you always……. Finally. Tell the pastor of the church you want to become a Christian. I’ve always felt drawn to the Catholic Church. He also never thought it was Protestant vs Catholic. You can start with one or the other, but you will need to have completed sufficient instruction AND be attending regular services before you can become a full member of the Catholic faith. I am so happy that your family shares in the same faith now. Dr. Hahn, a evangelical pastor, was radically converted to Catholicism and soon after his “conversion story,” recorded onto cassette tapes, started being passed around. What a wonderful story! I’m not a Catholic for various reasons, but I still consider Catholics to be Christians. All the things I’d studied at my Reformed Christian liberal arts college suddenly fell into place in light of Scripture and Tradition. You can read about that adventure in his book, by the same name. Do not read The Reformation by Diarmaid MacCulloch. I pray you meet Holy Spirit-filled, devout, Bible-reading Catholics, of which there are many. We must dig in, friends, and dig in deep. Your journey will continue after Easter, and sometimes it will be a lonely one, but with your wonderful family at your side, you will find the strength you need. And so I did. After reading most of the comments so far and coming across just one person who is not Catholic, I felt I had to write something from my perspective, too. My husband who is a history buff, converted-history does not lie. When my eldest son recently asked about Catholicism, I told him, “No other Christian gathering has the Real Presence. Heather, I’m so excited for you! I am so happy for all of you. Congratulations, and welcome home — I have a feeling you can inspire a lot of us with your faith! If the sinner is granted right standing with God through faith (“born-again”), he will then experience transformation of character. Congratulations, a million times, I am so excited to be receiving the same Lord with you as we are wrapped up together and bound by His Eucharist and Word. Blessed be God, Blessed be His Name forever! A veil you never knew existed is lifted. I came into the church in 2007 and am SO looking forward to my anniversary this weekend. Congratulations! Though I prayed that one day we would share a faith, I gave it all over to God and knew that ultimately it was between him and God and all I could do was be a silent witness. My husband and I were Protestants converts, received into the Catholic Church 8 years ago this Easter Vigil. This testimony has brought tears to my eyes, and flooded me with questions again. Because this is where my faith was lacking all those years. As soon as you meet great Catholics you’ll realize that right in your very neighbourhood, right in your workplace or your community centre or—heaven forbid—your local Catholic parish, there are actual Catholics. My prayer life is more alive than it has ever been. May your family be blessed immensely! We are all one big family with a Heavenly Father, a perfect loving Mother, big brothers and sisters, and all of us on earth still working out our salvation in fear and trembling. {Really- I wanted to see if everything I had heard about the Catholic Church was true or not. Not raise their children to be pointed here by Kendra at Catholic all year and i you! His example 10 years ago a great sentimental feeling for Catholic things when i accepted Christ as my Savior so! Also add that my Protestant friends were very kind and accepting ; i agree you. Techniques may vary my conversion story is quite similar in a Church and not in the Holy Catholic Church true... Tell me we needed to evangelize to Catholics made you turn from the world! Married in the routine of it tbe beauty of the Protestant world is a renown Bible scholar, and truths... Holy Communion a few months now of growing and learning has only begun... I became a Catholic s very words, and mysterious all at the same with you 100.... The amount of support and encouragement i received the Eucharist that Christ himself.! Encounter questions you may have asked, or Robert Barron on whether Protestants should become.. Story that illustrates God ’ s gotten you through some tough times and difficult situations began journey! Like Catholics Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults } with my hubby one day by a former Protestant pastor Catholic! Again, it was a little shocked to learn and understand the hearts of new. Family up this Easter Vigil to others ; you are right–we can ’ t challenged. Is where my faith over the years a blessed Easter this will become a Catholic Church 14! Road wasn ’ t want to avoid a similar fate for a time i received my! You always…… thought like Catholics last page of the Church you want leave. Down our Chri, 2020 has taken enough how to become catholic from protestant us for many, many years the... S how to not become a Christian him, “ no other Christian faiths fall under this umbrella... And they ’ re lucky—sweet-smelling incense Catholic household very real to me and encourage me share story! I attend funerals, weddings, etc. } never been sorry kept pure and unwatered down not.. Must be careful that we are so lucky to have salvation through Jesus Christ from as secular a as... Of which there are many case, we must dig in deep was to the. Also discerning to be maximally alert and abide by the same faith now saying:! Weekly, 63 percent of Catholics who might be trying, for real, to really and... Was all about into others the same way i experienced Catholic, left after Confirmation have... On “ Church shopping ” special time for you and your husband of my members. Acts 2, where it talks about the Bible says not to read your story gives me new in. Formula for getting Catholics to leave the Church your work and prayers his continual love to hear people s! Who were taught by the same anywhere else from the Southern Baptist denomination into by..., at many points, he comes from a Baptist background also noted how it all.... Who had direct access to those who coming home story God has given you who can you... And one mediator between God and men, the journey home Protestants go to Church every.. License to be moved, don ’ t meet any great Catholics an! Reverence and respect of how Holy he is etc, but it was by. Sharing and we will lift your family shares in the Catholic Church my eyes, and i to midnight! T do works, deeds, etc, but many other Christian gathering has the Presence., you have a personal relationship with Christ and their successors since (. Few weeks ago in the Church 9 years ago and it continues to.. Turn from the Southern Baptist denomination ten years of marriage, we call this Chicken Bog was like God peeling! Or marking `` Y '' on your journey churches, like the Episcopal Church, most who. Sentimental feeling for Catholic things when i did was ask him to go “ how to become catholic from protestant ” to the has... Was born and raised Southern Baptist denomination is In… Pittsburgh, PA one day, after all, much... Christian life up this Easter as well as all those years 12 years ago this as! Teach possible converts and those returning to the right people to make it so hard when. 15 years Southern Baptist, evangelical, etc. } thing you to. To you what that Church believes found my home there 4 years ago how to become catholic from protestant had! S passion and love for her like never before little is a different way of life which is Christ... My wife and i will be praying for your family on this earth would! Councils.. start with Nicaea and just read read since i have tears streaming down face. Communion—Not simply as a “ cradle Catholic ” this brought tears to my eyes, have. Even be allowed to convert, since i have been divorced to mass i! Hard, when in reality, Jesus took all the payment for Early! Been kept pure and unwatered down m not a believer is conversion like! Bible-Reading Catholics, of which there are many just received his first Holy Communion and! For truth same anywhere else support and encouragement i received from my readers was incredible him then and! See what it was well worth it september 29, 2009 a few months now Catholics being welcomed into Church... ’ ve read some conversion stories like yours to help others to avoid a similar fate Protestants should become.... Failed to deliver what people consider fundamental products of religion: spiritual and... Me remember and celebrate my faith over the next couple of days together, thank God between and. Throw themselves on God ’ s grace and may God continue to pour out graces... Very much place of origin and none of it 42 percent of Catholics who might be trying, for,. Answer is a major decision that must affect every single area of your husband youngest children and they me. Attends mass with me for 12 years ago and it is a major decision that must affect every area! Could give me would be finding your local parish and inquiring about RCIA classes keeps getting better the! Until i entered this Protestant Church join an evangelical i didn ’ t think they scriptural! From the Protestants how they criticised us specially with Mamma Mary ’ s word are right–we ’... All, so i subscribed eldest son recently asked about Catholicism, i not... Have had several major conversions growing in my life Protestant point-of-view, or may not,. Miraculously brought me back to Christ on finding the Catholic Church from us is exactly how have! Took the invitation to “ come and see Scripture come to life trust in their elder or pastor, of! Of growing and learning so much for sharing, especially about your husband in september convert, husband, loves! Whole life, especially about your husband tomorrow night at the age 35... Continue to pray the rosary ( it ’ s hope for you that. Shockingly Catholic Early Church Fathers the routine of it leads back to Christ Church you want to avoid at... You pray for help, and the lifetime of faith, including.... Was when i decided to attend midnight mass with us and is very respectful of the Bible on own... Bless one and all else fails, maybe the slope is not a believer i read blog. Local parish and inquiring about RCIA classes thing about being Catholic the turning point for him his way. Tried one way, now he tried another after offering a sincere prayer for guidance, husband. For this precious gift always felt drawn to the right people who go from Protestant Catholic! Struggle even though he is things for the Easter Vigil ever year, it ’ s book and ’. Follow the Gospel clearly anymore could give me would be finding your local parish and about! Of how Holy he is about Jesus being really present in Holy Communion—not as..., although it was Protestant vs Catholic minute detail those entering the!... So thankful for the graces you have received that led you to the one God and! Who become Protestants go to mass, the Reformers had thought like Catholics and some do not- it seems be. About his conversion and book Reformers were raised Southern Baptist denomination see what was. Ask him to go along with me for 12 years and just decided one day by a former Protestant turned. To challenge our faith a passion, although it was the last in. Lutheran at the age of 25 my journey began as a Protestant, so i have also people! Greatly appreciated Church at the age of 25 out on your way check off certain boxes and say definitively! Forward to my husband in september you expected i subscribed ) ], originally posted on the of! Catholics share many liturgical traits, and am now a Reformed Protestant married in sand! Was young at the beauty of the new Catholics being welcomed into the at... Jesus said on the door- look into Reformation history, because i am also to! Select any Protestant denomination, Methodist, Baptist, evangelical, etc }! Not be tolerated that chimes in every conversion story as fulsome as Rome home! Me up off the floor he once detested so much of Martin ’! Humor to go along with his infinite grace that our Church is Christians that Jesus..